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Who are you as a player?

Gambling has been around for ages. Gambling not only provides unrivaled fun but also enables individuals to earn big sums of money. But hold on! Do you know your gambling personality?

To begin, identifying yourself a gambler might help you create objectives and succeed in this dangerous sector. So, this article will assist you choose the proper kind of gambler.

Gambler for fun

This person enters the gaming business for enjoyment. That is, he or she does not expect to win. Most gamblers fall under this type. They play their favorite slot machine or table game with no strategy. If they play slots, they don’t care about the house advantage or volatility. They just care about the thrill and enjoyment.

That doesn’t mean they don’t want to win. Actually, most of them do win. Casino games are based on chance. Don’t get out of bed until you’ve had a chance to pray. In the volatile world of online gambling, this is the finest group to be in. Remember that at the end of the day, the house always wins.

Gambler pro

This group is a minority. As previously said, beating the casino is very difficult. Despite their best efforts, most gamblers slip back into the recreational category. Professional gamblers must have strong discipline, consistency, and money management skills. Being a professional gambler isn’t enjoyable.

Another reason for the tiny category is a large budget. Professional gamblers can’t skip a day. This might cut into their entire budget. You may increase your bankroll by taking advantage of free spins, cashback, and bonus money. Overall, a seasoned gambler knows exactly what to look for and how to maximize it.


Serious gamblers play with money they can afford to lose. They always have a betting bankroll, which is vital in this profession. Strangely, heavy gamblers don’t borrow money. This is not a problem in their personal lives. They also spend time with their family.

But for most heavy gamblers, it’s a way of life. They frequently miss it when they don’t wager for a time, unlike leisure gamblers. Finally, some of them have gambling addiction.

Minor League Bettor

Finally, minor league gamblers are those who wager for fun but believe they can win real money. These gamblers study the casino or sportsbook odds. They compare percentages or side bet odds to see which casino games pay out the most.

Most small league gamblers don’t win much over time. They lose money faster than recreational bettors. Most online casinos prefer recreational users over professional players.


A gambler cannot, like any other person, fall into one of these four groups. However, each has its benefits and drawbacks. Aim to play the games for enjoyment. The rest is a bonus. This way, you’ll avoid heartbreaks that come with losing a bet.

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